“Russian-Ukrainian war - consequences for international and national security”


Security Science Journal - SSJ


Thematically, since this year was marked by the war between Russia and Ukraine, the title of this issue would be: “Russian-Ukrainian war - consequences for international and national security”. We invite all interested authors to submit their articles by October this year through the application of a scientific journal. This conflict took place not only in terms of the projection of kinetic power between Russia and Ukraine but also in the intelligence sphere, hybrid actions, economic, political, and geopolitical arena. Russian aggression against Ukraine also showed the application of some new methods of warfare. Indeed, the world after February 24, 2022, no longer looks the same. Europe and most of the entire World are facing new security and geopolitical challenges. Russian aggression of Ukraine, more than every show unity and reediness of key geopolitical players including UN, EU, and NATO to condemn such violent action, destruction, and human catastrophe.