The Kjetil Hatlebrekke Memorial Book Prize – Call for Nominations


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The Kjetil Hatlebrekke Memorial Book Prize – Call for Nominations

The Kjetil Hatlebrekke Memorial Book Prize is a biennial award recognizing scholarship within global intelligence studies. 

It was set up by the King’s College Centre for the Study of Intelligence to honor the life and work of the late Dr Kjetil Anders Ely Hatlebrekke. Dr Hatlebrekke was a Norwegian practitioner-scholar with 33 years of service in the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Intelligence Service. 

He also authored the 2019 book The Problem of Secret Intelligence - a deep fusion of the philosophy of knowledge and real-world intelligence experience.


The Hatlebrekke Prize recognizes scholarship on intelligence operations, cultures, and systems outside the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. 

It encourages scholars to go beyond traditional areas of inquiry and explore how intelligence organizations and professionals conduct intelligence in Europe (excluding the UK),  Africa, Asia, and Latin America and how that intelligence is applied in military operations, diplomacy, and counter-terrorism.

The Kjetil Hatlebrekke prize committee comprises representatives from the King’s Centre for the Study of Intelligence, the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

the University of Bath, and the Norwegian Intelligence School. The Committee will consider monographs about intelligence in non-Five Eyes countries published in 2022 and 2023. 

These works must be written in English to be eligible. The committee will accept self-nominations by authors as well as nominations by others.


How to apply: To nominate or self-nominate a book , please complete as far as possible this online form: . 

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please feel free to contact us at


Award: The Prize winner will be awarded a book voucher and invited to give a keynote presentation at The King’s Centre for Intelligence Studies Lecture Series. 

The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence will also publish a round-table discussion of the work.


Deadline: All nominations must be emailed to the above address by 8 December 2023. The panel will announce the winner by 18 March 2024.


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