• Vakhtang Maisaia Caucasus International University
  • Eteri Khanjaliashvili Caucasus International University
Keywords: Security, Asymmetric Threat, Pankisi Gorge, Counterterrorism, International Coalition


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Review Paper

The article discusses Georgia’s security environment through the lens of terrorism. Taking into account that the 21st century took the importance of terrorism on a global scale it became not only a concern of word politic but domestic politics as well.  It is the act of violence initiated by humans and is often of a malicious nature. That is a reason for increased attention toward it. Although Georgia is not among the countries with a high risk of terrorist attack, there are some challenges in this respect. However, before estimating the threats coming from terrorism, first, we need to clarify the conceptual meaning of security for Georgia and what are the main threats for it. The security environment in Georgia is linked with Russian occupation and terrorism, especially with Chechen fighters in Syria and Iraq who sometimes are associated with the Pankisi gorge (East Georgia). Returning back these fighters in Georgia may cause some danger for its security. But Georgia has close ties with international society and it cooperates with different organizations in this respect.

Author Biographies

Vakhtang Maisaia, Caucasus International University

Head of the Postgraduate Program on International Relations and International Security at Caucasus International University, Adjunct Professor of UKSW

Eteri Khanjaliashvili , Caucasus International University

Postgraduate student of International Relations and International Security


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