• ilija Životić Assistant professor; Faculty for Engineering Management
  • Darko Obradovic Centre for Strategic Analysis
Keywords: : diversification, energy, national security, sovereignty


Research  Paper

DOI: 10.37458/ssj.4.2.7 

The increasing importance of energy supply, particularly gas, has transformed it from solely an energy and political concern to national security. This shift has been particularly evident following the Russian Federation's military aggression against Ukraine in recent years. This paper supports the hypothesis that gas diversification in the Republic of Serbia is crucial for enhancing the country's energy security index and strengthening its national security and state sovereignty. Serbia can safeguard its interests by reducing the political influence exerted by the Russian Federation, which is a direct result of its dominant position in the gas and oil market. To substantiate this hypothesis, the article will utilise well-established and widely used indices for calculating energy security, such as the Shannon-Wiener and Energy Security Index. Moreover, it will demonstrate the interdependence between non-compliance with sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation due to energy dependence and the hindrance of Serbia's European integration progress, explicitly concerning the non-opening negotiation chapters relating to foreign and security policy. The data used in the paper will be derived from the Law on the Availability of Data of Public Importance and official documents of the Republic of Serbia, ensuring a reliable and evidence-based analysis.


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