• Shaul Shay The Institute for National and International Security
Keywords: Red Sea, “One Belt, One Road”, China, Djibouti, Bab al Mandeb, Suez Canal


Research Paper

DOI: 10.37458/ssj.4.2.4

As the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden waters are projected to be one of the main geostrategic and geoeconomic flashpoints of the competition among great powers, China is expected to further bolster its profile as a commercial and military heavyweight in this critical saltwater artery connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. China is strategically leveraging its economic and military power to establish a significant presence in the Red Sea region, a critical maritime corridor. Through infrastructure investments, commercial partnerships, and naval deployments, Beijing navigates the delicate balance between economic expansion and military projection while managing the geopolitical implications of its growing influence, (Leonardo Jacopo, 2023). The article is based on my book: The Red Sea Region between War and Reconciliation, Liverpool University Press, 2019.


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