• Sabrina Magris École Universitaire Internationale
  • Perla Di Gioia École Universitaire Internationale
Keywords: Women, Intelligence, Clandestine Operations, Negotiation, Psych Evolving


Revew Paper

DOI: 10.37458/ssj.2.1.3

The paper addresses the importance of the role of women in Intelligence and National Security with the specific purpose to highlight the quality of female contribution in all different domains.

The world is changing and in this change, Intelligence risks being left behind as never before. An epic evolution and change is underway that will upset ways of being and ways of thinking. All this not suddenly and all this without realizing it if not after the fact.

The world is changing, women “are gain the upper hand” taking over also numerically and it is not realized that a change must happen in the field of Intelligence with a space left to women, not because they are women but because of their abilities. In all domains, from strategic to operational one. A blindness to change that many Agencies are having. And those who are making changes often do so because they are obliged by the rules but not by evaluating the concrete capability of individuals. Two factors that risk being explosive if no action is taken.

The paper highlights the physiological and psychological contribution of the female component in the National Security and Intelligence work, and why the diversity is scientifically important to successfully conduct operational and strategic tasks.

It also describes the existing lack of models, how to enlarge the interest of young girls to join the Intelligence Community and a look into the near future regarding the training and the recruitment processes with specific regards to women.


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