NATO’s Global Challenges and Russia’s Cyberspatialities

  • Tamar Kupreishvili Georgian Technical University
Keywords: Russia, NATO, Cybersecurity, CISA, Estonia


Research Paper

DOI: 10.37458/ssj.2.2.2

Information became more important than material or energy resources in the XXI century. Resources are generally defined as community-owned economic potential elements that can achieve specific goals in economic activity. For modern society, material, financial, labor, natural resources became commonplace. Estonia was the first state in Europe to carry out a massive cyber-attack in April and May 2007. That was why the states decided to get the first convention to defend their cyberspace as they defended their land, air, and sea spaces. 

In the XXI century in cyberspace, there are some main actors: The United States of America, Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Israel.  Russia is one of the most vital states in cybersecurity, which is constantly developing its abilities. The country has constant interests and goals for which he actively uses information space parallel with political and military opportunities.


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