China-EU Two-level Cooperation and Challenges on Public Health during the COVID-19

  • Song Lilei Tongji University
  • Bian Sai Tongji University
Keywords: China-EU Relations, Public Health Cooperation, COVID-19, Community with a Shared Future for Mankind


Research Paper

DOI: 10.37458/ssj.2.2.9

International public health cooperation has always been one of the typical issues of bilateral and multilateral diplomatic ties in the international community. As two important actors in the international community, China and the EU have worked on many transnational public health cooperation projects. The two-level division of the EU's foreign policy competence decided the Cooperation and Challenges on Public Health between China-EU. Cooperation with the EU member states is expanding, the cooperation with the level of the EU started to show up. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, both China and the EU have publicly expressed their support for WHO's anti-pandemic measures. China has actively provided public health aid to Central and Eastern European countries and shared the Anti-COVID-19 experience. In this article, the author reviewed the progress and mechanism of China-EU public health cooperation, discussed how China and the EU have jointly dealt with the pandemic by sharing experience, providing aids, strengthening multilateralism and international cooperation, and building a community with a healthy future for humankind since the outbreak of COVID-19. Facing the COVID-19China-EU health cooperation should be further strengthened to show the importance of a community with a shared future for humanity.


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