• Shaul Shay Senior Research Fellow Institute for National and International Security Tel Aviv
Keywords: Tigray, T.P.L.F, Abiy Ahmad, Addis Ababa, Sudan, Al Fashqa, Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Blue Nile


Original Research Paper


Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic nation with a population of 110 million. For more than two decades Ethiopia has been considered one of the most stable countries on the African continent, with an impressive rate of economic development and a leading political status on the African continent and beyond. Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy signed a peace treaty with Eritrea and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Since 2020, however, there has been a rapid deterioration in the security and political situation of the country and Ethiopia is currently facing one of the most severe crises it has known in the modern era. Prime Minister Abiy has been embroiled in a confrontation with the opposition from Tigray province that has led to a bloody civil war, talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam with Egypt and Sudan have reached a dead end, and there has been a deterioration in the border conflict between Ethiopia and Sudan. There are concerns that the rapidly escalating civil war could trigger wider violence in Ethiopia that could even lead to it breaking up. Landlocked Ethiopia borders six countries. Troops from Eritrea are already fighting in Ethiopia and a prolonged internal crisis could suck in other neighbors and destabilize the volatile Horn of Africa region.


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