• Dejan Milenkovic Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia
Keywords: intelligence service, cyber security, cyber warfare, subversive activities


Review Paper

DOI:  10.37458/ssj.4.1.7

Every country that seeks to protect its national interests and security in the information age faces the problem of adequately protecting the national information sphere. As a confirmation of this thesis, modern security studies talk about cybersecurity and its importance for national security. Therefore, we can say that cybersecurity protects the vital interests of individuals, society and the state in the information sphere from external and internal dangers[1] and risks. The main threat in the sphere of international cybersecurity is the use of information and communication technology as an information weapon for the achievement of political and military goals that conflict with international law, for violating public order, inciting inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-denominational hatred, as well as for carrying out criminal and intelligence - subversive activities. The paper's subject is a comprehensive overview of cyber security and its impact on national security.


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