• Barak Bouks The Europa Institute, Department of Political Studies, School of Communication, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Keywords: Terror Groups, Security, Media, Influence, Cyber/Technology.


Review Paper

DOI: 10.37458/ssj.4.1.8

Israel is characterized as a Jewish democratic state. Its location in the Middle-East is a driver of significant unique security threats and challenges for its citizens. Albeit having peace treaties with Egypt, Jordan and the PA (Palestinian Authority), culminating with the Abraham accords in the regional arena, it is still surrounded by hostile countries such as Syria and Lebanon vis-à-vis terror groups, culminating with Iran in the broader arena, which can be defined as a patron of terror to all of the above. Through a discussion of the following main hypotheses, this article will discuss key strategic, media influential and in some cases technological threats to Israel from the noted states and terror groups:

  1. Israel must meet security challenges as attacks from enemy states and terror groups. Some of these groups perpetrate from the territories of states that have a peace treaty with Israel.
  2. These attacks are characterized as conventional terror (culminating with suicide attacks), Influential (Anti-Israeli propaganda via Media or New Media) & Cyber technological.

This article finds that Israel has to combat various security challenges:

  1. Strategically, by fortifying its borders & counter terror groups insurgency
  2. Meeting the influential arena by developing new media tools and sophisticated means of relaying its message

Providing technological solutions to Cyber threats: Sophisticated counter attacks and defense shields in order to meet attacks from enemy states and terror groups.


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